Better workforce management since 1995.

Bringing More Efficiency to Human Resource Management

OEM America was launched in 1995 to bring new concepts and efficiencies in workforce management to Connecticut businesses.

Business owners were finding employee management and benefits administration were becoming more and more complex. OEM America’s mission was to help them make it all more manageable.

Business owners can’t be experts at everything. They were increasingly struggling with the risks, controls, management, processes, administration, and costs of managing their workforce.

OEM operates a Professional Employer Organization (PEO) and also offers ASO and HRO solutions. We are networked to cover all 50 states. OEM is well-capitalized, profitable, and audited with 26 distribution outlets. While our size is important, we believe our best capabilities lie in the hands of our personnel. They are unmatched.

New Technologies for Better Results

If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.

OEM America brought new ideas and better tools to small business owners, helping them solve that problem.

The company rolled out tools to help businesses properly value their employees and the ROI from their performance, This made it easier to gauge the improvements OEM could bring to their productivity, performance and bottom line.

Brighter Future in Workforce Management

OEM’s technology has been refined and perfected over the years. Our clients benefit from employee-related data that is more measurable and manageable. Ultimately, improving client profitability is the goal of everything we do.

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