Client experiences attest to our dedication.
See these PEO Testimonials from fellow business owners.

“You have to be crazy to do everything yourself, when OEM can do it for less than you can.”
       – CEO, Manufacturing  Company

“With all the regulations, workers comp insurance costs, and Obamacare, I’d be out of business without them. Used ‘em for nearly 20 years.”
       – CEO, School Bus Company

“OEM’s healthcare costs are amazing.  They can’t be beat.”
– CEO, Conglomerate

“OEM helped me through my start-up.  They even helped me find talent.”
       – Attorney

“Over the last ten years, I have come to rely on OEM for help on all kinds of items that I don’t have time for.  They did it right, and they don’t cost much.  They have the best service.”
       – Transportation Entrepreneur

“I have successfully started, bought, and sold businesses for the last 15 years.  I started with OEM in my first business, and have had them as a partner for 15 years.  They are great for everyday people administration, and amazing when I run into a problem.  It’s like having a Fortune 500 staff to help me with my business.”
       – CEO, Scientific Testing Company

“There is no better partner than OEM.  They do everything for you.”
       – Attorney

“When we had a problem employee and a really bad situation, OEM steered us through it, without a lawsuit and without a problem.  They even had an employment lawyer.”
       – Brokerage Owner



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