OEM’s CEO David Fernandez was interviewed in Inc. Magazine in the March 2015 issue

Highlights: “In addition to differing by regional focus, PEOs may also differ in terms of service delivery.” “Its a very consultative partnership,” says David Fernandez CEO of OEM America in Hartford CT. “Its all about trust and feeling like you’re in the same foxhole together.” Companies are often initially motivated to explore a PEO as […]

Employee Rules for Inclement Weather

How do you know when and how to pay employees, when inclement weather hits?  It can be a confusing and tricky situation knowing or deciding who to pay, and who not to pay.  This is due to the differences in Exempt and Non-Exempt employees according to the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA).   Non –Exempt […]

You Can’t Just Call Everyone Salaried

Salaried vs. Hourly? Exempt vs. Non-exempt?   Deciding how to classify employees can be a complicated situation with many things to consider along the way.  One of the big ones is Overtime Rules.   Salaried employees are Exempt from Overtime Rules. Overtime is defined as more than 40 hours in a week.  It must be […]

Is Your Business By Design, or By Chance?

Here’s a useful exercise: pick a single piece of paper that comes across your desk.  Or, an email that comes to you.  Now, ask yourself, Who else did this go to before me?  Who else will see it before it is done? Do all of them add value to it?  Do I? If I go […]

Take Care of your American Employees

International companies with employees in the United States face a number of complex issues.  American employees have to be paid a certain way, compensated a certain way, and expect a certain kind of benefits package.  If you’re going to take care of your American employees, your company needs a local expert.   Among the things […]

Wall Street Journal: Startups Ignore Human Resources at their Peril

Two words can make a startup executive’s eyes glaze over faster than any others: human resources. Yet startups in particular need to be prepared for personnel crises that can upend the workplace. And HR professionals are finding they need a new set of skills to navigate the charged environment at these companies, say workplace experts. […]

PEO’s can be your go-to staffing fix – Arizona Daily Sun

Question: As I need to add more staff for my growing small business, I find that interviewing and all the other requirements for getting a dependable employee demand a great deal of time. Does SCORE have any input for effectively cutting down on this process? Answer: It is true that good help is hard to […]

How to Hire your First Employee and Maintain Your Sanity

Congratulations!  Your business is taking off, and you need more than just yourself to keep everything going.  What do you do? Before you hire anyone, think about the attributes of the person you want.  Part-time or fulltime?  What skills should they have?  Do you need someone who can grow into a bigger role as you grow?  […]