Is Your Business By Design, or By Chance?

Here’s a useful exercise: pick a single piece of paper that comes across your desk.  Or, an email that comes to you.  Now, ask yourself, Who else did this go to before me?  Who else will see it before it is done? Do all of them add value to it?  Do I? If I go […]

Take Care of your American Employees

International companies with employees in the United States face a number of complex issues.  American employees have to be paid a certain way, compensated a certain way, and expect a certain kind of benefits package.  If you’re going to take care of your American employees, your company needs a local expert.   Among the things […]

The Challenges of Employees in a Real Estate Business

As you grow your real estate business, there comes a time when you can’t grow anymore by yourself.  It’s time to hire someone.   Luckily, if that first someone is a real estate agent, you don’t have to change much.  Agents are “statutory non-employees” under IRS rules, which means that you won’t have to pay […]

What’s a PEO and How Can It Help My Business?

From Entrepreneur Magazine, May 9, 2014:   Q: What’s a PEO, and why should I use one? A: Here’s all you need to know: A Professional Employer Organization (PEO) is one of the best-kept secrets of many successful small businesses. Essentially, these bodies handle all your HR needs, including payroll and administration, employee health and retirement […]

The Dangers of Having No Compensation Plan

Do you live in fear of your employees comparing their pay rates?   Some companies have gone as far as barring employees from discussing pay with co-workers — enough, that there has been proposed legislation to ban this practice (and, it’s usually unlawful for employers to stop employees from discussing pay even today, under National Labor […]

The Secret to Making Manufacturing Work in Connecticut

It really can be done! Small manufacturers love to complain about working in Connecticut.  “It all costs too much”, they say!  Taxes, real estate, regulations, energy, and expensive labor.  “I’m just going to move the business out of state,” they say. Here’s the question to ask yourself — if it’s so bad, why does anyone […]

Get Paid to Hire Veterans

The people you’re already hiring can get you up to $9,000 by Steve Gifford   Small business owners have several tax credits available to them for new hires.  This includes people you’re going to hire who are: Unemployed veterans Disabled veterans Food stamp recipients (SNAP benefits) Welfare recipients (TANF benefits) Individuals with felony convictions, released within the […]

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