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Any company with employees has Human Resources challenges. Small business owners who try to handle these issues quickly get sucked away from running the business itself. And owners who trust untrained employees to “deal with” employee problems in the company run into many risks and missed opportunities.

OEM clients can call on a host of resources and best practices that will get better results from their employees. Our HR experts will evaluate the problem you have at hand, and make the necessary changes and modifications for you. Best of all, when the project is done, you don’t have yet another person filling a desk in your workplace!

Improve Employee Quality

Your business will succeed or fail on the quality of your employees – are you managing that process as professional as you can?

OEM’s recruiting solutions include marketing the job to as many potential employees as possible, so you have options. We will pre-screen applicants, so that you’re not hit with hundreds of resumes. Our partners can perform drug testing, background checks, and personality screening, so that you have more than a “gut feeling” to base your decision on.

Once your employee is hired, OEM can provide training to you and your supervisors in management, communication, delegation, or any of a host of other topics. This training helps improve your workforce in areas where you see a deficiency, and builds on the investment you made hiring them!

“You have to be crazy to do everything yourself, when OEM can do it for less than you can.”
CEO, Manufacturing  Company

Improve Employee Incentives

Are your employees being rewarded for the things you want them to do? OEM’s experts will work with you to ensure that your compensation system, succession plan, bonus plan, or commission schedule are giving your employees a reason to build your business. Paired with your employee benefit plans and leave policies, we’ll ensure that your employees want to come in to work.

Strengthen Employment Controls

Think your business is too small to need policies? Ask yourself – how many times do your employees ask you what they should be doing? Or, if they can take time off? Or come in late? Employers who have to make a fresh decision every time an employee needs guidance on some small area of their job are wasting time and money.

But there’s more! Unemployment Insurance costs you money. So do employee lawsuits. Both of these costs can be managed with strong, consistently applied workplace policies. OEM will provide you with the best practices for every area of employment, and help represent your interests with the Department of Labor.

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