Controlling Your Company’s Unemployment Expense

Any company with employees has to pay Unemployment Insurance.  Uninformed business owners look at this like “just another tax”, and don’t manage their claims.  However, companies that develop systems and practices for managing their workforce — or who hire experts to do it for them — see substantial savings in their unemployment insurance payments.  What’s […]

The Secret to Making Manufacturing Work in Connecticut

It really can be done! Small manufacturers love to complain about working in Connecticut.  “It all costs too much”, they say!  Taxes, real estate, regulations, energy, and expensive labor.  “I’m just going to move the business out of state,” they say. Here’s the question to ask yourself — if it’s so bad, why does anyone […]

How to Get Workers Compensation Insurance for Your Connecticut Small Business

Any company with employees needs to have Worker’s Compensation insurance.  It isn’t optional, like medical insurance, and it isn’t managed by the state, like Unemployment Insurance.   You’ll need to buy it before that new employee starts on their first day.   What less informed companies do is ask their insurance broker.  After all, that […]

Get Paid to Hire Veterans

The people you’re already hiring can get you up to $9,000 by Steve Gifford   Small business owners have several tax credits available to them for new hires.  This includes people you’re going to hire who are: Unemployed veterans Disabled veterans Food stamp recipients (SNAP benefits) Welfare recipients (TANF benefits) Individuals with felony convictions, released within the […]

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