A Better Way to Manage Your Workforce.

Affordable benefits. Greater expertise. Lower costs.

Looking for Lower Insurance Rates?

Working with us, your employees become part of a larger employment pool than your company presents on its own. That means better rates for everything from health insurance to workers comp, and more efficient administration of HR functions like payroll.

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Want Less Hassle in Workforce Management?

When you’ve got employees, you’ve got hassles. We take care of them for you. It may be a new concept to outsource your human resource functions. But once you discover the advantages, you’ll wish you’d made the switch sooner. Learn more. You’ll thank us.

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Inc. Magazine Explains OEM Benefits

“According to economist Laurie Bassi, companies that use PEOs grow 7-9 percent faster than those that don’t, and have significantly lower turnover, not to mention being 50 percent less likely to go out of business.” – Inc. Magazine

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Get “Big Company Benefits”
at Rates You Can Afford

A Better Way to Manage HR

We can change your view of human resources and benefits administration completely. Our solutions are perfect for start-up businesses adding new staff quickly, companies hiring their first employees, or businesses managing an extensive staff. You’ll love our approach, and your cost savings.

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Lower Costs, Higher Productivity

Companies with 1,000 employees or less, in any location, can lower their costs and improve their productivity. We can manage as many (or as few) of your human resources tasks as needed, from payroll to health insurance to compliance and helping to lower your workers comp rates.

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Gain Efficiencies, and Savings

Put our turnkey workforce management solutions to work for you, and bring a new level of efficiency to your HR management. OEM is easy to work with, and cost effective. We’re an industry leader bringing competitive advantages to businesses like yours for decades.

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Our Partnership is Your Competitive Advantage

Less HR Hassles and More Productivity

You select the workforce areas causing you the most problems, and we’ll deliver better solutions. Payroll, workers comp claims, all of it or just some of it. You choose. Free your executives up from administrating your workforce, so they can focus on higher value pursuits. We take care of all the painstaking details and paperwork so your transition is quick and simple.

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Outsourcing to OEM is Simple, and Rewarding

For every area OEM takes on, we ensure that you and your employees have a seamless transition to our management structure. We keep everyone informed through clear, concise benefits communications. Employees will love the benefits, and you’ll love the savings: lower costs, way less hassle.

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Your Personal “Fortune 500 HR Department”

Our accessible account representatives will really get to know your company culture and your employees’ needs. Your workforce will appreciate our truly personal, attentive service. You’ll like staying proactively informed, and knowing we’ve got your back. We’ll make your HR functions professional grade.

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