PEO Advantages

Our buying power gives you “big company” leverage.

Get a Competitive Edge

Your business can gain strategic advantages by participating with our Professional Employer Organization (PEO). In fact, it has been demonstrated that PEO clients actually achieve higher growth rates than other small businesses.

Leveraging the buying power of our PEO, you’ll pay less for more comprehensive benefits – an important recruiting advantage that will differentiate your company with applicants. Because you’ll be offering better benefits than you could on your own (i.e. retirement plans), you’ll find you have high participation rates in the benefits you’re able to offer.

Most small businesses can really only handle the basic HR needs on their own: hiring employees, getting them paid on time, and navigating taxation (including FICA and FUTA) and compliance requirements. By offloading or sharing your employee-related responsibilities with OEM, you can accomplish much for your employees while simultaneously limiting your short and long term liabilities.

Basically when you participate in our PEO, your company and employees get more and better benefits, and your company pays less for them. You can attract and retain better employees, and become a more efficient company as a whole. These are serious competitive advantages for any business.