HR Compliance

At OEM America, we specialize in providing comprehensive HR compliance solutions to help businesses navigate the ever-changing regulatory landscape. Our dedicated team of HR professionals is committed to ensuring that your organization remains compliant with HR laws and regulations. With our expertise and tailored services, you can mitigate risks, avoid penalties, and create a compliant work environment.

Our HR Compliance Services include:

  1. ACA Compliance and Reporting Services
    • Full-service support for Affordable Care Act (ACA) compliance and reporting requirements.
    • Assistance with tracking employee eligibility, coverage, and reporting to the IRS.
    • Compliance audits to ensure accurate and timely submission of required forms.
  2. Form I-9 Audits & Remediation Services
    • Thorough audits of your Form I-9 files to identify errors, omissions, and non-compliance.
    • Guidance on proper completion of Form I-9 and verification processes.
    • Remediation services to correct any deficiencies and ensure compliance with immigration laws.
  3. Labor Law Posters
    • Provision of up-to-date labor law posters that meet state and federal requirements.
    • Regular monitoring of changes in labor laws to ensure compliance with posting obligations.
    • Customized posters with your company’s branding and information.
  4. Labor Law Tracking, Policy Development, & Compliance Support:
    • Tracking and monitoring of federal, state, and local labor laws and regulations.
    • Customized policy development to align with legal requirements and best practices.
    • Ongoing compliance support, including guidance on disciplinary actions, leave management, and employee classification.

At OEM America, we understand that HR compliance is crucial for your organization’s success. We are here to provide the expertise and resources you need to navigate the complexities of HR regulations. With our comprehensive services, you can have peace of mind knowing that your HR practices are in line with the latest laws and regulations.

Contact us today to learn more about how our HR compliance solutions, including ACA compliance and reporting, Form I-9 audits and remediation, labor law posters, and compliance support, can benefit your organization. Let us help you create a compliant work environment that fosters success and growth.