Risk Management & Insurance

Less employee downtime. Lower insurance rates. Higher employee morale.

Making Safety Rewarding

We help your company address safety issues that make good business sense for your employees, your customers, and your bottom line.

A commitment to safety pays you back. It cuts insurance rates, reduces employee downtime, and improves employee morale.

We lend a critical and experienced eye to your operations. We conduct a thorough needs analysis, and then establish strategies for risk transfer, avoidance, or reduction.
You get a thorough risk management plan developed by our team experts. we design the best strategies to mitigate and manage your specific risks.

How does this deliver ROI?

Our strategy can reduce your insurance costs significantly. We find ways to improve processes and create meaningful efficiencies that enhance workforce wellness and improve workman’s comp events should an employee be injured. OEM is your best ally in processing claims for work-related injuries and managing OSHA record keeping.

Workers Compensation Claims

Having safety or non-compliance issues can give your company a bad reputation, and steer potential clients or employees away from your business. A company’s risk profile can be increased by having a lot of workers’ compensation claims, not to mention an increase in costs associated with those claims. Working with OEM provides you with knowledgeable and skilled experts who can work with insurance carriers, in order to find workers’ compensation plans and develop effective strategies for lowering incidents. We offer a range of options so you can choose what is most compatible and cost effective for your business, saving you money and the time to focus on the growth and productivity of your company.

Government Regulation & Compliance

All businesses must comply with federal and state rules and regulations in regards to how taxes are filed and employee benefits packages are administered. These laws are subject to change, and it can be difficult for a business owner to stay familiar with these changing regulations while focusing on growth, customer satisfaction and other matters related to their company’s success.

At OEM, we can help businesses handle compliance matters, as it’s our job to track and follow these changes. If you’re outsourcing HR functions such as employee payroll and benefits, we can make sure employees are notified of these changes to ensure zero confusion and avoid the risk of non-compliance for your business.