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Ensure Compliance With the Labyrinth of Regulations

It’s never been more challenging to be an employer than it is today, given the complex and dynamic legislative environment. OEM America helps clients ensure compliance with ever-changing local, state and federal regulations.

Wouldn’t It Be Nice to Have Someone in Your Corner?

It helps to work with a team that has your best interests at heart. Save money by having our team take care of or assist your human resource responsibilities. The result will be a more cost effective effort with unlimited resources, so you can go back to running your business.

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Your business can gain strategic advantages by participating with our Professional Employer Organization (PEO). Leveraging the buying power of our PEO, you’ll pay less for more comprehensive benefits .

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A Better Way to Manage HR

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Find the Hidden Costs of Employment

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Even having a single employee generates a frightful amount of administration, paperwork, management, and training.  Most businesses have not tracked these costs and are wasting huge amounts of money.   By accessing a unique program such as OEM’s, you can reduce these costs dramatically.  OEM will offer you a free time and motion study (a 10k value), to show how much money conventional methods are currently costing you.