Our HR Cloud is 100% web based, easy to use, it’s a complete HR software that couples with your HR service needs and is designed to simplify HR and let you focus on your business.

HRIS Defined:

“HRIS, or Human Resource Information System, is an HR software technology that handles HR functions, payroll, accounting, and management in an automated fashion. HRIS combined with expert services will save your business countless hours each week by simplifying these HR functions, allowing you to focus on your customers and growing your business.”

Benefits Include:

  • simplifying information
  • ensured compliance with laws and regulations
  • employee training
  • less time spent on redundant tasks

Our HR Cloud provides everything you need for world-class HR today, and tomorrow. Its scalability is incredible. It delivers industry-leading payroll, benefits, HR, hiring, training, productivity and more, combined with services and advice from our HR experts.

Complete platform for HR, not just

You get KNOWLEDGE, INSIGHT and the POWER to do more

Collaborate with HR experts


How does it help your help business?

Move and Grow Faster

The combination of HR Cloud and expert HR services from OEM America will save countless hours every week on HR functions, enabling you to focus on customers and growing your business.

Reduce Complexity

Implementing an HR system and process can be daunting, and choosing anything but the HR Cloud, means that the you won’t be able to utilize the full range of integrated HR services across the employee lifecycle.


With the right HR technology and services in place, you will save not just money but great employees too. With great HR offerings and insight you can not only be more efficient and move faster, but you can also reduce turnover.

Anytime, Anywhere Access

Your employees can quickly view payroll, benefits and HR information on any device and at any time. The modern and easy-to-use platform enables your team to get the info they need quickly and then get back to work.

Our HR Cloud is Proven