Working with Us

We create better ROI in human resource management.

Plenty of Upside for Your Business

We work hard at understanding your business, and helping you understand the many ways we can help your company.

We’ll evaluate how you’re handling worker’s compensation, payroll, HR and benefits. If we can’t help you save money or become more efficient, we’ll say so. But chances are, we can help. We’ll deliver a clear and comprehensive proposal that outlines pricing and service options.

No Risks, Plenty of Flexibility

We never lock you into anything. On all of our contracts, either party can walk away with thirty days’ notice.

The collaborative approach of our PEO (Professional Employer Organization) engages your company’s people, processes and data. You can develop a relationship with us that is structured, unstructured, conversational, process driven or even transactional. However it takes shape, our relationship will generate savings for your business as you eliminate burdensome administrative tasks. Working with OEM will free up your executives to concentrate on more strategic business objectives.

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