HR Outsourcing

The demands of HR and Payroll are endless. We provide a complete solution for both, so you can focus on what you do best – growing your business. 

It just never ends…

Small to mid-sized businesses are drowning in the ever-changing demands of HR administration and compliance. It’s not right. You shouldn’t have to lose your focus on growth to take great care of your people.

OEM America provides small business owners in the Connecticut area access to a level of HR support they would not normally be able to afford. We give employers the support they need, when they need it, and at the level of experience it takes to keep them compliant and on track to meet strategic and day-to-day business objectives.

Our partnership starts with an HR Audit of practices and policies.  This audit covers three general categories:

Compliance: policies, procedures and regulations that apply to the business at its current and projected size.  These issues are critical and carry significant risk if not implemented.  This category includes EEO and DOL compliance.

Risk (non-compliance):  practices that are not required but can increase risk and cost to a business if not implemented.  This category includes such things as sexual harassment prevention and interview training.

Culture:  these are the practices, procedures and policies that create retention and successful recruitment.  By aligning areas such as performance feedback, benefits, compensation, and development with the desired culture it’s easier to attract and retain the right employees in the right positions – and make changes when necessary.