Our Mission

We transform workforce management into an opportunity for success and growth.
Outsource human resources to us and save.

We Make Businesses Smarter, More Efficient
and More Profitable

The human resources of your business (your employees) can be a critical advantage in making your company safe and profitable. Yet this opportunity is often overlooked.

Managing your workforce can be overwhelming. There are so many complexities and too much “administrivia” that distracts you from your overall business management. Compliance with government regulations, administration of benefits like healthcare, and management of risks like workmans compensation can feel like a crushing weight. It can actually distract business owners from pursuing more of the activities that actually grow the business.

We reverse that trend.

“I started with OEM in my first business, and have had them as a partner for 15 years. They are great for everyday people administration, and amazing when I run into a problem. It’s like having a Fortune 500 staff to help me with my business.”CEO, Scientific Testing Company

Do More, Save More

Our technology and know-how delivers high performance and cost savings to smaller businesses when they outsource human resources to OEM – without needing a capital investment. Part of our role is to help business owners and managers regain control over important administrative expenses. A large part of our mission is to minimize the stress and hassle factor associated with managing their human capital.

The end result we seek is more than just improved profitability – it is a shift in focus from day-to-day pressures to long-term opportunities for growth.





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