How HR Outsourcing Companies Contribute to Business Efficiency

Does your company deliver all of its products to customers yourself? Does your small business have an attorney on salary for legal advice? Do you make your own paint, plastic, cardboard boxes, or raw materials?   Successful small business owners understand what they do well, and what they don’t.  The things you do well are […]

How to Get Workers Compensation Insurance for Your Connecticut Small Business

Any company with employees needs to have Worker’s Compensation insurance.  It isn’t optional, like medical insurance, and it isn’t managed by the state, like Unemployment Insurance.   You’ll need to buy it before that new employee starts on their first day.   What less informed companies do is ask their insurance broker.  After all, that […]

Get Paid to Hire Veterans

The people you’re already hiring can get you up to $9,000 by Steve Gifford   Small business owners have several tax credits available to them for new hires.  This includes people you’re going to hire who are: Unemployed veterans Disabled veterans Food stamp recipients (SNAP benefits) Welfare recipients (TANF benefits) Individuals with felony convictions, released within the […]

Obamacare Penalty: Your Small Business Has Options!

Don’t Panic about the Obamacare Penalty Small business owners are panicking about health insurance.  Obamacare has everyone worried. Every time you turn on the news, or answer the phone, something else comes up: No one can use the Obamacare website — and that’s for individuals, anyway! or Your broker just told you that your costs […]

Top Ways to Get More Productivity: #3

Top 8 ways to get More Productivity: #3 Use Performance Feedback. We like to think of performance feedback as a concept. 1) Do People know… What their job is and how they fit into it? That their performance is quantified as opposed to undefined? How to earn more money based on what they do? 2) […]

Top Ways to Get More Productivity: #1

Inititive 1 Decide on the 10 most important things that must be accomplished by your company this year in priority order. Most important is number 1 and least 10. Make them easy to understand, real, attainable, and measurable. The real deal! Skip all the Acronyms. Skip all the fluff. Throw away 3 through 10 – […]

Are You Playing “Bet Your Business” with Wage and Hours?

You’re cruising on the “Highway Of Business” at what appears to be a nice comfortable clip. You think you know the possible headaches, the rules and posted speed limits. However you may not be aware of the recent speed limits that have been posted in languages you may not understand, and in places many of […]

The Hidden Cost of an “Office Manager”

by Steve Gifford Your Office Manager seems like a cheap solution to staffing your small business. After all, she is your reception desk, your customer service department, facilities maintenance, HR, employee benefits recruiting, accounts payable, accounts receivable, and payroll department all wrapped up in one! She’s not very expensive, and when you need something new […]