3 Methods to Ease Your Human Resources Burden

Human resources is such an integral part of any office that issues or setbacks in your HR department can impact your entire company. If your HR team is too busy training new employees to ensure that your business is properly adhering to new workplace regulations, they could be leaving your company open to hefty fines. HR departments also handle several vital operations such as hiring, benefits, payroll, and conflict resolution. Falling behind on these responsibilities could seriously hamper the productivity of your entire office. Here are some tips to help your human resources increase efficiency.

Update Your HR Technology and Tools

No matter how capable your HR department is, they will have a difficult time keeping up with their workload if they are using outdated tech. Besides slowing down the productivity of your HR staff, older software and hardware is also more vulnerable to viruses and hackers, which can damage your equipment and lead to the distribution of sensitive company information.

If you think your HR department could benefit from some tech upgrades, the first thing you should do is review the company budget. After determining how much you can afford to invest in new technology, set up a meeting with your HR department to discuss which areas are most in need of software and tool upgrades. Once you settle on what new technology you will be incorporating into your HR department, prepare training materials and set aside some time to get your employees acquainted with the new systems and tools being implemented. After installation, be sure to perform frequent software updates and keep track of any new HR technology developments that could improve your department’s efficiency.

Consider Offering Flex work options

Surprisingly, employers have found that their employees can be more productive when they are allowed to work from home. When carefully structured, flex-work programs can reduce costs, increase productivity, and lead to happier employees. Although some employers may be concerned that flex-work could lead to decreased productivity and individual engagement, these issues disappear when flex work is organized properly. Some ways to structure your flex-work to promote productivity and communication include:

  • Do a trial run first so you can adjust policies as needed
  • Clearly define all policies and procedures
  • Create and track key performance indicators to measure the success of your flex-work policy
  • Utilize communication systems such as Slack to keep in contact with remote employees faster than email
  • Set up flex-work systems with managers who are responsible for holding remote workers accountable

Hire a PEO

Enlisting the help of a Professional Employer Organization is by far the most effective way to ease your human resources burden. PEOs can take over several different administrative tasks so that your HR department has more time to focus on their other responsibilities. Here are some of the most notable benefits a PEO can provide your business:

  • Take the pressure off of your HR department by handling duties such as payroll, benefits, tax/government filings, and recruiting/training
  • Ensure your company stays up to date with regulations and compliance laws
  • Provide employees with better benefits for lower costs
  • Facilitate access to retirement savings programs
  • Minimize legal expenses

OEM America

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