7 Tips to Boost Employee Productivity

Once derailed from a task by an interruption, it takes an average of 23 minutes and 15 seconds to get back on track. Are you looking for ways to boost your team’s productivity? Here’s 7 tips to boost employee productivity.

7 Tips to Boost Employee Productivity

Encourage Learning Opportunities

The opportunity to receive more education to improve one’s skills is one of the best ways to boost employee productivity. By showing employees that your organization cares about continuously developing their skills, you improve productivity and motivate your employees to develop themselves professionally. Many organizations offer tuition reimbursement for any professional training outside the standard work day. When you are passionate about improving your employees, they will reciprocate that same passion into their daily work.

Identify and Align Goals with Performance

Identifying and aligning employee’s goals with your organization’s goals will directly correlate their performance at work with their own goals. When employees are put in a position where they can aim for achievable goals, they will overall be more productive. Employees will be more self-motivated and build confidence in their ability to succeed as they regularly achieve their goals. To promote goal aligning, the leaders in your organization should meet with employees to discuss their personal progress and goals. Organizations who align their goals with their employees will increase employee performance and allow them to set more meaningful goals in the future to keep boosting productivity.

Emphasize Company Culture

Companies that emphasize company culture increase employee productivity by creating a healthy working environment for employees where relationship building is highlighted. A company culture that thrives on respect, achievements, and communication will surely boost productivity and reduce employee turnover. If you want to improve your current company culture, let employee’s feel heard through company feedback and see what needs to improve at your organization. Your organization could need to participate in team building activities, while other organizations may need to adjust hiring practices to ensure new hires will work well with others and motivate employees.

Improve Office Communication

Improving office communication can boost employee productivity by allowing all levels of employees to communicate freely. Employees are more productive when they can communicate with all levels of employees in the organization, allowing their ideas be expressed throughout the organization instead of just to one department. Inefficient workplace communication resulted in increased stress levels, delays or failures to complete projects, low company morale, missed performance goals, and lost sales, according to a survey of U.S.-based executives.  Improving office communication is an easy way to engage employees and boost overall productivity.

Recognize and Reward Employees

Recognizing and rewarding your employees can go a long way to boost productivity. Your employees like to feel appreciated for their efforts. Rewarding employees who go above and beyond will show them that you recognize their hard work and appreciate them at your organization. Monetary compensation is always appreciated, but rewards that involve something personal for an employee boosts productivity just as much as a bonus in their next paycheck.

Encourage Team Collaboration

Team collaboration can boost your organization’s productivity by leveraging new technology to openly share company news and ideas. Your organization can easily brainstorm and implement change when there is a healthy level of team collaboration. Many organizations will use a mobile app to share employee feedback, thus enabling your organization to implement change. More positive employee experiences result in twice the level of discretionary effort. Team collaboration is necessary if you want to give a boost to your team’s productivity.

Improve Employee Training

Investing into the training of your employees can boost your organization’s overall productivity. The more prepared your employees are, the more productive they can be. Your training needs to give employees the knowledge and resources they need to get the job done. Continuously training employees helps to keep your organization’s productivity constantly improve as employees learn new skills and expand their comfort zones. If employees see you are willing to work with them to continuously improve their skills, they will feel more productive at work and be less likely to leave your organization.

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