Alternatives to ADP Totalsource

ADP payrollcustomers of more than a year have probably been pitched ADP’s in-house PEO, ADP Totalsource.  Like other PEOs, Totalsource promises to reduce the cost of worker’s comp, medical insurance, and payroll.

If you’re meeting with ADP Totalsource, here are the questions you should ask:

– Who will my account rep be?  Can I meet with them before I sign up?

– What if I want to sign up for just Worker’s Compensation, but I want to keep my current medical plan?

– Who will be the Human Resources person handling my company?  How often will they come on site to conduct training?

– Is there a different 800-number to call, depending on my question?

– Can I have referencesfrom a few other companies in my industry that use Totalsource?

The PEO model works well for small companies, but there are alternatives to ADP Totalsource’s approach to providing the services.  If a local company with a personal touch fits your company’s culture better, give us a call.

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