Attracting Top Talent Through Storytelling and Company Culture

What is an Employer Brand?

Essentially, an employer brand is what the organization communicates as its identity to both potential and current employees. An organization’s mission, values, culture and personality are all what make up their employer brand. Investing time and money into the employer brand can benefit the organization immensely. According to Hireology, the five key benefits of creating a strong employer brand are:

  1. Attract top talent
  2. Decrease time and cost per hire
  3. Boost employee morale
  4. Increase retention rate
  5. Build credibility with customers

You need employees for your company to run, so you must first attract the candidate. To develop your employer brand to successfully attract top talent for your company, it requires authentic storytelling and a demonstration of a thriving culture. How might an employer do this successfully?

Authentic Storytelling

Through relatable language and a loyal brand voice, employers are much more likely to attract top talent for their company. Authentic storytelling builds trust and loyalty. According to the School of Meaningful Experiences, Authentic storytelling is important because:

  • Increases audience engagement
  • Conveys values and brand identity
  • Is Inspiring and motivational
  • Builds trust and authenticity
  • Differentiates from competitor
  • Strengthens internal and external communication

To demonstrate authentic storytelling effectively, a company must share narratives that reflect its values and missions. Companies can share their stories through their website, social media, or a blog. Here are some ways an organization can storytell:

Understand the History

Knowing the organization’s background and origin can bring attention to the sole purpose and backbone of the company.

Share Someone’ Story

Sharing stories about employees, customers, partners, or community members can cause emotional connection between audience and organization.

Be Transparent

Being honest about the realistic highs and lows and the company and life can be relatable and can build trust. We are all human at the end of the day!

Stay Consistent

Keep the same storytelling on all platforms to convey a single brand voice and identity.

Think Beyond Profit

Take time to recognize and focus on the real purpose behind the company rather than just the profit. This will show the audience the company cares more than just about money.


Listen and respond to employees and the potential employees to show you value their input.

Show the Difference

Demonstrate how the company is making an impact. Whether it is through the product or service, community initiatives, or sustainability efforts.


Encourage and empower employees to tell their stories and perspectives about the company. This can be relatable to the audience and make the company more desirable to work for.


Stay true to the values. Storytelling loses its authenticity when it gets disconnected to the organization’s values.


Beyond the words, a thriving company culture is vital for attracting top talent. In fact, according to Jobvite, 88% of job seekers consider a healthy work culture vital for success. Implement action-oriented initiatives that showcase a culture where employees truly thrive. Don’t just say you prioritize your employees, prove it.

Here are some ways to sustain and prove a great work culture:

Prioritize the employee

Offer competitive benefits, promote work-life balance, and invest in employee wellness programs. Don’t just offer flexible schedules, actively promote them. Encourage employees to take breaks, disconnect after hours, and prioritize personal well-being.

Invest in Professional Development

Provide opportunities for employees to learn, grow, and advance their careers. Show potential employees that they will constantly evolve in the company.

Foster Recognition and Appreciation

Celebrate and root for individual and team achievements to boost morale and motivation.

Empower your Employees

Give them ownership of their work and encourage them to share ideas and feedback. Listen and act on feedback to show employees and potential employees they have a voice.


Organize team-building activities, social events, and volunteer opportunities to build connections and a strong sense of belonging.

By replacing words with actions and having a narrative around the employee experience, you’ll attract talent who see themselves not just as workers, but valued members of your team. Building a strong employer brand is an ongoing process. By consistently telling authentic stories and fostering a thriving company culture, you’ll attract top talent who are excited to be part of your organization.


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