Do I Need PEO for My Business? Here’s How to Tell

Are you considering hiring a PEO for your HR services? Here’s how to tell if your business will benefit from hiring a PEO to conduct your HR operations.

You’re Overwhelmed with Paperwork

If you can’t stop paperwork from piling up, that’s a clear sign you need PEO for your business. From mandated filings to employee reports, the more paperwork that piles up, the more time you waste on processing said paperwork. Hiring PEO services can help you manage the day-to-day paperwork that weighs your business down. You lessen the chance of human error when you hire PEO services, as these professionals are required to be updated on the newest laws and regulations. Handing off your paperwork duties to a PEO service gives you more time to focus on productive functions of your HR department while still maintaining full compliance with important laws. If you’re not passionate about filing paperwork, hiring PEO services is the right choice for you.

It’s Hard to Hire New Talent

If you’re having a hard time hiring new talent, then it might be time to rely on PEO services to help you recruit employees. Your business is more competitive in the job market if you use PEO services to hire employees. You can leverage the PEO’s employee benefits package to attract high quality talent. With the money you save from using PEO services, you can offer employees more competitive salaries. PEO’s also have an advantage when finding new talent as they have many connections in the job market, helping you to open your pool of applicants. Don’t waste your time skimming through dozens of Indeed profiles, let qualified PEO services find you high quality talent.

Employees Leave for Better Opportunities

If you are noticing many employees leaving for new opportunities, it may be time to re-evaluate the current benefits your company offers. You should focus on improving your employee benefits to retain your current employees. Many are leaving due to the fact other companies offer them better pay and benefits. PEO’s receive their benefit rates based on the number employees they have under all clients, not just you. Therefore, you have access to much better benefits than what you could ever provide on your own.

You Have No Time to Focus on the Bigger Picture

If you find yourself being consumed with the daily operations of your business, you probably don’t have enough time to focus on the bigger picture. When you put all your time and energy towards your HR department, you forget about the bigger picture of your business. You should be constantly seeking out new ways to improve your bigger picture. When you hire PEO services, you have more time to focus on improving productivity and guarantee long-term success.

You’re Unprepared for an HR Emergency

Are you prepared for an HR emergency? If you’re unsure, then you should hire PEO services to give you extra cushioning. It’s no easy task mitigating the risks of having an in-house HR department, but relying on PEO services can take some of that liability off your business. In the time of an HR emergency, your PEO services will know how to strategize around the emergency to relieve your business of extra strain.

You’re Spending Too Much Money on HR

The time to process payroll and file paperwork can add up, if you find your business is spending too much money on its HR department, it may be time to hire PEO services to take on the costly tasks of HR. It can become expensive to provide employees with the benefits they desire on top of the insurance you need like worker’s compensation insurance. The many expenses of HR may not be fully visible at first, but you’ll definitely feel its effects in your business’s overall profit margin. If you’re tired of overspending on HR, consider hiring PEO services to alleviate some of the financial strain.

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