How HR Outsourcing Companies Contribute to Business Efficiency

Does your company deliver all of its products to customers yourself?

Does your small business have an attorney on salary for legal advice?

Do you make your own paint, plastic, cardboard boxes, or raw materials?

Successful small business owners understand what they do well, and what they don’t.  The things you do well are your edge in the marketplace, the things that bring customers to you instead of your competitors.  The things you “farm out” are the functions that other people have gotten good at.

When considering HR Outsourcing, ask yourself Why.

Why am I:

  • Comparing insurance plans?
  • Enrolling my employees in insurance?
  • Keeping track of how long people have been out on worker’s compensation?
  • Attending unemployment hearings?
  • Helping new people fill out new hire paperwork?
  • Writing policies?


Are you the best person to be doing this?  Is your employee who does these things the best selection?

The simple fact of the matter is that employee management is something that’s incredibly hard to do in house if it isn’t your full-time job.  Big companies trust these functions to specialized professionals, because there are tricks and techniques to do them better, and for less money.  Small business owners who try and manage employees in-house are just taking their attention away from functions that will actually make you money.

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