OEM America Vs. ADP/Paychex Comparison Chart

OEM America ADP & Paychex
Optimal Company Size Specializes in <500 EE market Designed for 1000s of employees, may be overwhelming for <500 EE market
Service Approach Customized, personal service based on individual needs One size fits all, more impersonal
Local Expertise Intimately familiar with CT climate, onsite help available Broad national/global focus, lack of regional specificity
Client Retention High client retention due to excellent service High turnover for clients with under 500 employees due to poor service
Support Immediate phone support from a familiar team, no phone trees Phone support can lead to different representatives with varying knowledge levels
Relationship Personal, intimate understanding of client’s company to anticipate and solve problems Less personal, more transactional
Investment Focus Invested in clients’ success, not stockholders Corporate focus on shareholders
HR Approach Comprehensive, 360-degree hands-on approach to HR HR sold as SaaS (Software as a Service), less hands-on
Pricing & Invoicing Consistent pricing, clear and easy-to-understand invoices Invoices can be difficult to understand, may fluctuate without notice
Workload for In-House Staff Lowers workload for in-house staff, more support Can increase workload for in-house staff as they’re expected to navigate the platform mostly independently
Ownership Family-owned Shareholder-own