OEM’s CEO David Fernandez was interviewed in Inc. Magazine in the March 2015 issue


  • “In addition to differing by regional focus, PEOs may also differ in terms of service delivery.” “Its a very consultative partnership,” says David Fernandez CEO of OEM America in Hartford CT. “Its all about trust and feeling like you’re in the same foxhole together.” Companies are often initially motivated to explore a PEO as a means to offer health care and other insurance, Fernandez says, but once they become clients “the typical response is “I cant belive everything I’m getting!’ from this partnership.”
  • A Fernandez says, “If you really think of your employees as assets, as true ‘human capital,’ ask yourself what was the last great thing you did for them? Going with a PEO may be your answer.”
  • “See the difference a PEO can Make
    • 9% higher Growth Rate
    • 24-33% Lower Turnover Rate
    • 50% Lower Business Failure rate
    • 21 Percent Savigs on HR Administratiion
    • 2X more participation in retirement plans”

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