Post Covid19: 10 Best Ways to Get Your Employees Restarted


  1. Update HR – SMB HR once meant an incongruous administrative expense to pay for a staff to do payroll, personnel files, recordkeeping, hiring paperwork, administrative support and perhaps benefits administration. How’s your Model T doing?
  2. Modernize HR – Outsource the above and anything else that you can – If it’s not a Core business item, outsource it. HR admin is a low risk, non-core and specialized expense! Let somebody else do it better – professionally – for less money.
  3. Upgrade HR – SMB HR should mean the strategic use of people in business– In other words the job should be to 1) Assemble the best team, 2) Put in the best management, process and creativity to support it and 3) Optimize it.
  4. Give HR both a budget and profit initiatives – Get the “Admin Mutt” viewpoint out of there and add strategic to the menu… Revenue, profit growth, stakeholder value, market share, new products, and increasing capacity etc.
  5. Use data to focus on the people side of your business – Your goal is to have all people know their financial value to the company and know where they are in relation to it, at any time, including and up to now… Not just at an “annual review.”
  6. Don’t go crazy – 80 percent of initiatives fail, so keep your data simple, easy, attainable, and measurable (Simple Smart.)
  7. What makes some data the best to measure? – Well, what are the corporate strategic goals? Are they incorporated as the basis for measuring your data and your aiming points? Don’t use a bunch of granular “iddy-biddy” administrative stuff.
  8. Don’t let HR be solely measured on activity – Make it results based. Not truly helpful – I got up and drank gobs of coffee and cleaned the cups. Better – My goal is drinking 7 cups, it gives me a coffee buzz and I can do anything, but my result: I only drank 4 so I slept walked all day and did nothing. The second measurement gives you a better idea of where you are, without assumptions and inferences in the answers.
  9. Use Metrics – Make measurements of stuff that is most important to the goals and issues of the company. Yeah, Yeah, you have to do the administrative stuff too, but that’s just part of your HR job. Unless you can afford two people one tactical and one strategic.
  10. Some “go to” metrics that work – Productivity, Expense Management, ROI and efficiency would be a great start. For a majority of businesses, these initiatives, if undertaken, even if completed with 50% effectiveness, would shoot the company forward.

Remember HR is focused on people and if they are all cooking with gas, engaged and measured, you will be doing much better.{{cta(‘4eac4a3b-2853-4375-b458-5efdeb044bcf’)}}

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