What Your Medical Insurance Broker Isn’t Telling You

There are more options.

That’s what your broker isn’t telling you.  Your broker “shopped your plan around”, found you a couple of options, and you picked the least expensive one.  And yes, the price went up from last year, but what can you do?  Medical rates do that.

  • Your plan has different pricing, depending on employee age?  There are more options.
  • Your plan has to align with an Obamacare metal color?  There are more options.
  • Your self-insured plan means that you have variable cash flow each month?  There are more options.

But your broker is a nice guy, and he wouldn’t lead you wrong, right?

Here’s the problem.

1. Your broker sells group insurance.

2. You are the size that you are.

So, your broker can only look for group insurance plans that are available to groups of your size.  That limits his options, but not yours.

OEM Clients aren’t stuck with these factors when looking for medical insurance.  If you want to see more options for insurance, give us a call.

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